Can We Use Cannabis as A Medicine?

Hemp as a crop of the most famous in the history of man, no doubt has experienced various forms of news that is not objective and tend to be negative as Marijuana Doctors Florida said. From the standpoint on Florida Medical Marijuana of human health, hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) is a plant that has had a long history in ancient medical literature from a variety of world cultures such list of medical marijuana doctors in florida. Here are some benefits of marijuana in medical treatments:

  1. Can reduce the symptoms of seizures (Dravet syndrome)

The doctors recommend treatment with cannabidiol in cannabis plants to calm over-active in the brain that cause seizures.

  1. Chemicals in cannabis may stop the spread of cancer

According to a study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, stated that cancer cells can alter the nature of non-cancerous cells into cancer cells and help spread these cells throughout the body. Then a study stating that the use of cannabis in the treatment can lower the cancer cells and reduce its spread.

  1. Cannabis can reduce anxiety

The use of medical marijuana world can help relieve pain and suppress nausea, marijuana can also be used to alleviate the side effects of a chemotherapy. Cannabis can also act as a sedative in low doses.